Sunday, January 25, 2009

Brand New Competition For Established Sena And Taliban

Activists of a self-styled pro-Hindu moral brigade called Sri Rama Sena barged into a pub in the coastal city of Mangalore on Saturday and beat up young girls for "violating traditional Indian norms," police said on Sunday.

When asked what norms were violated the worker of the brigade told that what norms were violated they dont know ,their leader knows ,they are carrying on orders given to them. Andar ki baat yeh hai ke this self styled brigade wanted to make their own 'brand' by doing some 'good thing' like the tod fod. They have achieved what they wanted 'publicity'. Till yesterday no body knew that they existed by now by showing their wonderful skills ,they have become famous and are now expected to bag lot of such tod-fod jobs from various segments.

Infact they are likely to bag an order or two from political parties in coming general elections. Also they have shown how different they are from other tod fod groups by beating two women. This 'moral brigade' did most moralful job by beating two women. This is perfectly as per our Indian Values is what they think.

Also insider of sena says in world of globalisation they have to be at par with talibans , al qaeda all. They are infact thinking of coming which their own set of rules , mission statement and vision Statement. So this buisness of gunda gardi is surely seeing new and new brigades emerging to serve society. Tough competition for senas , taliban is predicted in near future as these new new senas are emerging.


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