Friday, January 30, 2009

Raju And Pakistan

"Over a month ago, Raju received several threatening calls. The anonymous caller warned him of dire consequences if he did not stop poking fun at Pakistan and cracking jokes on Dawood Ibrahim on his TV shows and stage programmes," Raju's business manager Rajesh Sharma said.

Above news was flashed in almost all tv channels with channels like indiatv , ibn7 making it as breaking news.

Sources in inner circle of Raju said that Raju was surprised when he received such calls. He said that he had never made fun of pakistan. He was always serious when he walked on stage and talked about pakistan.

Raju also maintained that it was people who mis interpreted his serious talks on pakistan and considered it funny.

Raju mentioned 26/11 facts , taliban facts , fata facts and pakistan's reputation facts. All these were not for fun but what can our bichara raju do if people consider it to be funny.

Bichara Raju . He should do only what he is good at that is making us laugh. He shouldnt do serious stuff like speaking facts on pakistan.


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