Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Actresses Bears All

Yes you read it right . Its bear all which at time includes bare all. Though it doesnot include all actresses of India. There are great acting talent in bollywood who have made their name and fame on sheer power of actings. But there are many aspirants who are exploited and taken advantage of by industry .

Woh kaafi nahi hai to there is media and woh bhi kaafi nahi hai to there is new group called bloggers. Actress do have to bear all these if they want name and fame.

Recently bipasha basu said in an interview that -'bollywood is man's world'... If there is perhaps one industry where woman is totally objectified it is bollwyood. Where asset word has different defination , where romance has different dimension and where clothes mean more revealing then non revealing.

Objectification of woman sells...Where photographs of even shave armpits have massive visits one can understand how much is demand in the world for such stuffs...

Kher yeh to chalta hi rahega...There are no two ways to it..jo dikhta hai wohi bigta hai is norm ..


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