Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Amitabh Bachhan and Rekha still are seeked pair

Media has always been curious , hungry and seeking for things which can create buzz.

The number one think which can guarantee viewers ship is bollywood and cricket.

The media has always seeked controversial pairs. The latest linkage that media has created in between hrithik and barbara.

So much so that media created story of suzaan leaving hrithik roshan!!!!

We all know how akshya threatened to fill complain in police for irresponsible media attitude.

But the story which sells like hot cake is amitabh and rekha.

Recently internet world was flooded with false story of amitabh hugging rekha!!!!...Actually amitabh ran away from rekha and abhishek hugged her...Amitabh hugges rekha 28 years ago that too onscreen in silsila..

But as we all know amitabh-rekha sells like hot cake ....

Aisa hi hai aur aisa hi rahega...sorry big b and queen rekha , being public figure you people would have to bear it...

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