Monday, August 17, 2009

Ban Sagarika Gosh

Now those who are wondering who is sagarika gosh, well she is fire brand journalist of cnn-ibn news channel. She has one hour program called face the nation.

I admire her . She is tough lady and takes bull by horns . Then why ban her?. Well yesterday she did something impossible and biggest sin as an Indian.

She entered no entry zone. She questioned congress spokes person that why robert vadra is not frisked and does not have to go through security checks???

Now sagarika being journalist should have known better. Robert is jamai of most powerful family of India. This family has ruled us for so many years. 3 prime ministers , 4th in waiting , 5th generation in Indian Politics and sagarik is wondering why robert is not frisked?

In India existence of Ram can be questioned , In India gandhiji can be ridiculed by a chief minister , In India Dr Abdul Kalam can be frisked , In India up congress chief's house can be burnt but how can any one dare to frisk robert?

Does sagarika know that the person about whom she is talking might be husband of future prime minister of India or dad of future prime minister of India?

CNN-IBN should take note of this offensive comments of sagarika gosh. Only people above law are our politicians in India and among them only people who are most superior are nehru-gandhis.

One cannot question our politicians , be it be from sp , bsp , bjp or congress and questioning nehru family is biggest sin as Indians.

As Indian citizen i demand sagarika gosh to be banned so what she said truth.


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