Monday, August 24, 2009

Similarities : Jinnah & Gandhiji

I am an Indian and in India writing about jinnah is taboo unless you are going to bash him. Look what happened to jaswant singh. But ironically there are few similarities between two most powerful leaders of subcontinent.

1) Both were man of substance who stood for what they believed in , irrespective of what people thought about them.

2) Both are father of nation of respective countries

3) Both died soon after independence (gandhiji in jan 1948 , jinnah in sept 1948)

4) Both didn't leave behind personal political dynasty like Nehru and Bhutto

Jinnah's sister did take a stand against dictatorship but soon faded.

5) Both's name is used for getting votes

6) Both's vision left un achieved

7) Both are seen on currency notes

8) Both's birthdays are national holidays in respective countries.


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