Monday, September 14, 2009

Erase Bad Memories?

Imagine popping a pill to get over a break up? Well your imagination could someday turn into reality, if scientists go ahead with their plans to develop a drug to erase bad memories.

A team at Friedrich Miescher Institute in Switzerland could develop a memory-cleansing drug that has the ability to remove any recollection of unhappy or embarrassing incidents, like childhood teasing and upsetting memories of a failed love affair, from people's minds, the Daily Mail reported.

Now if that happens it would be wonderful . Isn't it?.

So for people who constantly run into girls who keeping dumping them , this is going to be sanjeevni.

It would work wonders for people whose boss are sick and tired of being sick and tired . Such bosses trying to assert their authority and do feel good do keep on humiliating others.

This pill will also work for advani who has had miserable 4 months in office.

How about giving this pill to every Indians. After all we do have bad memories and feeling of being let down by our corrupt politicians , corrupt system and police. Dont we?

Well lets hope we get this pill some time soon and then all political parties might provide this to us at free of cost!!!!!!!


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