Friday, September 4, 2009

Seduce To Sell?

I was passing through an highway. I saw huge hoarding of a girl with short shits , having pizza plate in her hand . The hoarding at phone number of pizza and along with girl's photo was 'call me ' tag written in huge fonts.

If we look at ads targetting men , it would surely have a sexy , seductive babe in it. Be in be ad for men's underwear or perfume or shaving cream or garments or anything.

Even ad of khenni (tobacco) basically used by worker class has item song as ad!!!!!!

Few months back i read a book called -' What to say , when you talk to yourself' . Book is on self talk and that book had mentioned this strategy of advertisement companies. Author gave example of an ad of coffee which showed a couple sitting on beach having sip of coffee . The female model was having expression as if its not coffee but something else.

Never mind , the author was more concerned with effect of such ads on subconscious mind and how they program us. He said that repeating exposure to such ad will make subconsious mind force us to actually buy that product.

So it works and ad agencies seduces the viewer to sell their product. The visuals enter our brain and subconscious mind links it with particular emotion . When on shopping , our brain sees that product , immediately subconscious recollects emotion and wants us to buy the product!!!!!!!

Sab ganda hai but dhandha hai..


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