Wednesday, October 21, 2009

High Command Ke Charno Mein

Its verdict time and congress is set to win all three states where elections were held recently. As all news channel are covering the election verdict , various voices from various parties are sitting in news room of various channels.

All channels are on analysis , interview spree and one of those channels interviewed ashok chauhan , the chief minister of maharastra . When asked whether he would claim chief minister-ship since he lead the campaign , he said its high command to decide and congress won because of sonia gandhi.

Now its true that rahul and sonia are hard working people who are leading congress ,but at same time it is also true that whatever position congress is in is because of one family only ruling congress. Today congress is dependent on various parties to govern.

Reason is simple . Even if you are hardworking person with massive following , Even if you deserve to be chief minister /prime minister unless you are loyal to gandhi-nehru parivaar , you cant become cm or pm in congress. So if you are ambitious , you are left with no other option but to form your own party.

High command ke charno mein ya khud ki party. Become regional king or national loyalist . Kher congress aspiring chief ministers have no other option but to say high command ke charno mein.


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