Monday, October 26, 2009

I don't think we failed-Uddhav Thackeray

It is said that defeat teaches many things but to learn first step is admission of defeat. Having most disastrous election instead of introspection uddhav said sena is still undefeated!!

"This is not the defeat of Shiv Sena. I don't think we failed because our battle was not for individual gains but for larger public interest," Uddhav told media persons at Sena Bhawan in central Mumbai

Congratulating Chief Minister Ashok Chavan for his alliance's victory in the state, he said, "I assure our support for all pro-people decisions of the new government but we will vehemently oppose any decision, which goes against the interests of the people."

Its not just uddhav , same things are said by other political parties when they get defeated in polls. Congress has typical attitude where failure is collective and victory is always credited to gandhi parivaar. Stature of dr manmohan singh has increased and so his name is also included , nowadays!!!!!!!!

Its sad that our all political parties dont want to stick to basics. Common people want good life , for that they need development , peace , harmony. When a congress man was confronted with question that 'why dont you concede that you won by default ?' . He said 'no , we won on performance ' . When asked to name one single achievement of their government in last ten years , he could name none!!!!!!!!!!!

Admission is what none does and instrospection is alien word.


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