Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh ho : Kalyan & Mulayam Get Brahm Gyan!!!!!!!!

Divorce ho gaya. Mulayam singh aur kalyan singh parted ways. Now one may ask ke boss unki shaadi hi kab hui thi. Well politics is art of impossible and this art was again at display when mulayam and kalyan singh joined hands for election 2009. Their target BJP.

Now kalyan singh , who has always been member of RSS , who was chief minister of u.p. during babri demolition , claimed that he has dug the coffin of bjp and now people have to just fill it!!!!

Mulayam's main voters didnt like this association and that showed in election results. Months after election results mulayam got brahm gyan. He claimed that kalyan was never part of samajwadi party. Technically he is right , kalyan never joined s.p. but was very much part of s.p.'s campaign.

Kalyan on other hand claimed that he was always part of RSS and he wants ram mandir in his lifetime.

So both are back to basics. Division which started in early 1900s. Carried forward by Indian politician after independence. Ram mandir ban ke rahega= votes and babri majshid vahin banegi=votes.

Yeh janta hai babu , yeh sab jaanti hai.


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