Thursday, December 3, 2009

Daal And Income Tax

I asked a acquittance of mine about hows his life is going. He replied its fine and then he asked me about my well being. I said -'Daal roti mil raahi hai'. This is normal and common response. Then what he said was a gem. He said-'Dheere bolo , daal ka naam sunke income tax raid daal degi. Itni menghi daal kaise afford kar lete ho?'.

Though it was sattire but he is damn right. Daal was 100 Rs a K.G. , when i last purchased it. 100 Rs a K.G. In country experiencing astonishing economic growth, but still there are more than 912 million Indians living on less than $2 a day.

Aam aadmi sarkar , is making all khaas into aams , since upgrading aams into khaas is big challenge!!!!!!!!

Well till daal prices donot come down it should be roti mil raahi hai or to be safe bajri ki roti mil raahi hai!!!!!!!!!!!


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