Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Impossible New Year Resolutions

1) Rakhi Sawant :

Stay away from media and controversies.

2) Shiney Ahuja :

Never Maid for Each Other.

3) Tiger Woods :

Stick to golf and wife only.

4) N.D.Tiwari :

Retire from politics and "other" activities.

5) Neetu Chandra :

Remain uncontroversial for three months.

6) Yuvraj :

Sticking to only cricket and no girls.

7) Pakistan :

Finally admitting that they messed up and stop blaming India , USA , Israel and west.

8) Indian Politicians :

Providing corruption free , real issue based politics and governance.

9) Akshay Kumar :

Letting distributors earn something

10) Shahrukh Khan :

Finally after 20 years letting people decide who is number one.

11) Indian Cricket Team :

Fielding atleast like cricketers if not jhonty rhodes

12) Taliban & Alqueda :

Understanding ISLAM like other 150 crore muslims in the world

13) Shibu Soren :

Giving corrupt free goverance

14) Indian Hindi Media :

Not showing taliban , bollywood , cricket and astrology for 18 hours in a day

15) Indian People :

Lastly its about us. Not letting our daily needs come in between us raising our voices against corruption , against terrorism and other aam aadmi tag issues.


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