Saturday, December 12, 2009

ISI, RAW ,CIA Behind Blast In Pak-Al Qaeda

India and Pakisan parted ways 62 years Ago. Since 62 years India and Pakistan are not in good terms. Having fought 3 wars and one proxy war , both are not in talking terms since 26/11/2008 .

ISI is well know intelligence agency in India. Well known for its ties with anti India group. Well known for its fake currency racket. Well known for training terror groups. Like India blames ISI , pakistan believe its RAW behind majority of problems in pakistan , be it be balochistan , be it be supporting anti pakistan groups.

But kahani mein twist hai. Al Queda has distanced itself from recent suicide bomb attacks in pakistan. According to al queda , they dont believe in killing civilians. Seems they are suffering from short memories and have forgotten that they killed 3000 innocent civilians in 9/11 .

Coming back to the point , al queda says and we quote 'The perpetration of such deplorable acts and the pinning of responsibility for them on the mujahideen, only serves the enemies of Islam and Muslims, who are today staring defeat in the face,'

'The mercenaries of the ISI, RAW, CIA or Blackwater are the real culprits behind these senseless and un-Islamic bombings,'

'Pakistan's real enemies were secular regimes, corrupt police, judges and tribal nationalists'. its raw as pakistani believe or its cia/blackwater but ISI?. ISI and Raw , together??.Not atleast for another 50 years. It can be only if taliban takes over pakistan , then RAW might assist ISI because its better to have ISI in control than in human talibanis.

Needless to say that this would become discussion point for many in pakistan and hate mongers who love to blame mossad, raw and cia trio would love this video.


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