Friday, December 18, 2009

SRK Move Away : Kasab is here!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shahrukh khan yesterday said that he should have won oscars , 10 years back. Well the kind of statement that kasab is giving in court , actually he should be given oscar , film fare and all other awards by live acting!!!!!!!!

Kasab alleges that he was torture but biggest googly he bowled in court was that he came to mumbai , 20 days before 26/11 and he came be become actor!!!!!!!

Well what about photograph on the left on this article. Its audition of ramu's film , we suppose!!!!!!

So he is framed. Framed by whom?. Ofcourse raw , ib , cia and mossad. Didnt you see the famous enligtened Zaid Hamid's version of 26/11. 26/11 was India's own job and cia , mossad assisted India in it.

But what about geo tv's report about kasab's parents. Well kasab is infact pakistani , no one denies that but as kasab said that he came of official visa!!!!!!!!

Oh ho. So now what?. Well nothing , remove all charges against kasab and make movie with him as hero. Movie would be financed by d-company , directed by zaid hamid and it would be joint nominee of India-Pakistan for oscars in foreign category.

Kasab bhai , tumhe to writer , director , actor sab hona chahiye tha , kahan saeed ke chakkar mein aa gaaye. Kam se kam humher crorero rupiye kharcha kar ke tumhe protected to nahi rakhna padta.


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