Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tiger Woods , Biwi and Money

Tiger woods is biggest brand in world of sports. One estimation can be made by just looking into fact that tiger woods makes 10 times more than dhoni , who is biggest brand of India in world of sports according to forbes India.

So its natural that tiger woods is media's favorite and when something like affair , marriage on rocks and such things happen that too with icon like tiger , media will go all out to get stories and at times making one!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is media's favorite word?. Well its sources. Humhaare sources. Now main advantage of this word is , you dont need to name them and if your news is wrong , you may blame this unnamed entity called sources!!!!!!!!!

Now three of our leading news channel have come up with same theme but different figures for tiger woods and his biwi.

One news channels said tiger woods offered his wife $5 million to stay with him , while other channel made it $20 million then third one went with $60 million!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even share market doesnot rise and fall from $5 million to $60 million to $20 million in span of two hours!!!!!!!!!

But in this era of cut throat competition of media we will keep on hearing this sources , lighting fast and such things. After all news channels always say we are number 1 in fastest news , most discussed news and such things , do they claim of being No1 in most authenticated news?

Tiger woods , Biwi and money is flavor of the month.


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