Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why New Year Resolutions Hardly Work?

New Year Resoultions. For some it is ritual , for some it is must and are met , for some it is waste of time and for some there is none. But new year resolutions are something which is part of our psychic. Many of us do make new year resolutions but few are able to meet it.

There is a witty saying which goes something like this -'New year resolutions are meant to be broken!!!!!!!!'. Is it?. They why waste time?. But you are serious , aren't you?. But deep within you know that new year resolutions which you made in past , never worked out. Why?. Why new year resolutions hardly work?.

Well answer is simple. Calendar is what we made and our body , our subconsious mind formed its own set of habits , own system of doing certain things. It doesnot get changed as our calenders do. Its not calendar based program which would change once clock passes 12 and calendar shows 1/1/2010.

Many of our new year resolutions are directly -indirectly related to our habits and habits are hard to break. Good news is that it can be broken but one has to work for it!!!!!!!!

New year resolutions directly or indirectly are related to habit. One may say but my new year resolution is about taking my wife and children out on vacation. How is that related to habit?. Well if you are not able to take your family out on vacation since years and so have to make resolution to do so , may be you are workaholic (habit) or may be you are insecure or less composed or worrisome about your career. Again it is related to habit.Isn't it?

I am here not going to get into details about how you can re program subconsious mind or how you can break habits. There are lot of good books and course avaliable for that.

One of best book is power of subconsious mind by murphy. Others being mindpower , silva mind control method. One may search books on subconsious from amazon or google.

Now I am going to write down some practical methods which have worked for me as far as new year resolutions are concerned :

1) You Must Have Strong Reason Behind That Resolution.

It should be yours not because your wife says so or your friends says so or your family says so. It should be your own strong reason.

2) Keep it handy

Just before going to sleep and waking up , try to read this resolution . Idea is to keep your brain aware/remember about this resolution. Quiet often we make resolutions and after 10 days we forget about it. Nahi hota hai karke.

3) Divide It Into Task

Suppose your resolution is loosing 10 kgs. That wont happen in a day. So divide it , divide it into tasks which would lead to your loosing 10 kgs.

4) Periodic Analysis

Resolution is resolve , resolve to act.Right?. So one needs periodic analysis about progess so that actions may be corrected if needed.

5) Dont Torture Yourself

Last but important one . Dont ever form resolutions which are very very hard to meet. Dont torture yourself. Let your brain get sense of achievement of meeting resolutions. Keep something which is out of your comfort zone but not so out that your brain remains in comfort zone forever without trying. Take it as a game and enjoy.

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