Friday, January 22, 2010

81 Yr Old Woman Jailed For $200000 Pension Fraud

She claimed pension which was her right but she claimed two pensions , one under her maiden name and one under her married name. Strangely she got both pensions. She fooled authorities not for one , two or three years but for 19 long years!!!!!!!!!!. Total pension 1,96,000 australian dollars!!!!

No this news is not from India and its not from one of our careless clerks its from australia. The woman , 81 has been jailed for two years. Her age was taken into account while giving the judgement.

The court heard she used the second pension as a source of income. She did not want her husband to know about it, so kept it in a separate bank account under her maiden name.

She had kept two separate identities, using different addresses and different phone numbers for her accounts.


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