Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chhota Rajan & IPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-> USA never went to moon
-> 9/11 was done by usa itself
-> 9/11 was done by israel
-> 26/11 was done by India itself

What is all these , if you wonder , well they are few of many conspiracy theories which are popular among some all across the globe.

Now one more theory has been added to along with above mentioned theories. RAW made IPL Franchisee snub Pakistan Cricketer. No this is not our creation , its from pakistani's daily!!!!!!!!!!

It says raw used its mafia group of chota rajan which in turned threatened Lalit modi to not take pakistani players. It also states that raw used one of its political units called shiv sena to create mahol by mentioning australian players ban and citing pakistan's example!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is called out of box thinking. What a imaginations!!!!!!!!!. Like many talented play back singers of pakistan who getting opportunity in India , bollywood should hire the editor and writer of this article in pakistan daily. This story can beat even biggest story tellers. What a imagination , what a fiction. Simply Mindblowing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All hindi news channel of India , guys you have serious competition. Your hum bateyenge is challenge by this creativity.


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