Sunday, January 17, 2010

Martyr Darudiya!!!!!!!!!!!!

What it takes to be martyr?. Giving one's own life for sake of security of people , nation and national pride. Right?. Well you might have to think again. One may be declared martyr even if one dies due to over drinking!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprised. Well but its what has happened in china.Chen Lusheng, a police sergeant in Shenzhen traffic police in Guangdong Province in southern China was deemed to have died a martyr "in the line of duty" after he was made to attend a banquet by senior party officials for his ability to hold his liquor, the China Daily reported.

Chen became the target of his hosts who repeatedly asked him to "genbei" or "bottoms up" as toast after toast were raised, the report said. The officer was off-duty when he was invited to a drink- binge. Chen vomited and passed out on a couch and suffocated.

He later died in hospital. His death touched panic among his party official hosts who decided to make him a martyr, in an apparent attempt to meet his family's demand for more compensation.

Well well , so next time you find some darudiya on road , treat him with respect. He may end up being declared as martyr!!!!!!


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