Monday, January 18, 2010

Mulayam Ki Amar Gatha Ka Ant

They were jai-viru of Indian Politics. Amar singh licensed to be chota bhai of many was also chota bhai of mulayam singh yadav. Both seemed inseperable. Mulayam's hamumaan , amar singh was face of samajwadi party. Be it be political alliance or wooing bollywood to politics or making Big B do unbelievable ad on uttar pradesh or making his good friend anil ambani invest in u.p. , amar did it all.

But there is old saying that blood in thicker than water. Amar singh was not water but when it came to choose between family and friend , mulayam finally made the choice reluctantly.

Amar in his press conference yesterday was at his best. Best in what he does. Witty comments in sabhya manner. Without targetting mulayam directly he did say everything but he continued saying that his vow of not saying anything would be valid till his death!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From english to computer to familyvad , amar did make comments of everything possible. This self proclaimed gurda vihin , amar singh is still officially in samajwadi party as karya karta!!!!!!!!.

Lekin this amar gatha of mulayam singh seems to have ended.


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