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Video shows a giant chimpanzee - thought to be a member of a newly discovered species. This is likely the only video made of this species. The chimpanzee is the height of a human being.

Comparison of Giant Chimpanzee and common chimpanzee. At the beginning of the video, Kermit is the one on the left. Daryl, the smaller lighter faced chimp who is the one swinging, is a common chimpanzee. Kermit may be a giant chimpanzee. His appearance differs from most other chimpanzees. Not only is he larger, but his face is somewhat darker. He has a greyish beard.

Kermit is very intelligent. Perhaps when he places the yellow chair in front of him (in part 3) and applauds, he is communicating the idea that he understands the situation that he is in.

Although Kermit is much larger, Daryl is said to be more dominant. This might suggest that the Giant Chimpanzee has a more docile disposition than the common chimpanzee, which is quite aggressive. Perhaps the Giant Chimpanzee has a personality more closely resembling that of the bonobo.

A mysterious, new human-like ape has been documented by primatologists. It lives in the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (in central Africa). It is highly elusive and lives in difficult to reach areas, thus, little is known about it. It has been reported that these apes, which sometimes walk upright, can stand up to 6-feet tall and to have 14-inch feet. They have the large body of the gorilla, but their face is flatter and more that of the chimpanzee. They seem to be a chimpanzee having the size and behavior of a gorilla. They sleep on the ground like gorillas, but eat a diet mainly consisting of fruit, as does the chimpanzee.

When the moon rises and sets, these large animals hoot at it. This behavior has not been seen in other primates. The apes are gorilla-like animals having chimpanzee behavior.

It is unknown whether this is a new species of ape, or a new species of chimpanzee. Some have speculated that it might be a cross between the chimpanzee and gorilla, although it is unknown whether the chimpanzee and gorilla can breed. Thus, it might be an undiscovered genetic relative of humans.

Some reports have called the animal a biped and say it often carries things in its hands.

The animals have been described in the International Journal of Primatology and the UK magazine, New Scientist.

It is unknown wither Kermit might be a member of this species. If so, he may be the only captive member in existence. Genetic DNA studies are planned. He is highly intelligent and observant. His interest in the man's electronic instrument at the beginning of the video is evident. He motions visitors up so he can check their clothes and is especially interested in foot ware. He puts on a good display for his audience. Note his very expressive face and interest in his surroundings. He weighed 300 lbs. and was very muscular, as can be seen.

Unfortunately to the dismay of the researchers (who chained themselves to the compound fence) and everyone else, Kermit and the other chimpanzees were moved to another facility. Kermit died there soon after the move. This is a great loss, not only to science, but to the researchers, and his many human and animal friends.

The video was filmed at Dr. Sally T. Boysen's Ohio State University Chimpanzee Center
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