Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pawar Turns Astrologer??

After stating that he is not astrologer to predict when would prices of food items come down , it seems all of sudden sharad pawar has had prediction to make. According to him prices would come down in 10 days.

May be he did crash course of astrology by bejan dharuwala or he took help from top ten astrologers of India to make this prediction.

Well he is making these predictions on basis of some steps which have been taken by government.

Sharad Pawar said that the Prime Minister would also discuss the implementation of the Essential Commodities Act with the chief ministers.

Pawar also said that state governments were not lifting the wheat and rice stocks made available to them by the central government.

He said that states had been told to take stern action against hoarders of food. "This will also be reviewed in the conference of chief ministers."

Well why didnt Mr pawar take these steps earlier. Well grah dasha of nation was such that these steps couldnot be taken earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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