Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Demarketing Through Ads

Advertisement is big influence in making people notice products and eventually buying it. In what to say when you talk to yourself , the author states advertisement to be sublimation technique meant to feed to subconscious mind.

While some ads are superb some are pathetic while some make us wonder whether it is promoting the product or demarketing the same.

There is an ad on air about a mobile phone scheme about talking in night hours. The prices are attractive in night hours. Now it has talented actor who wakes up in middle of night because of his relative calling in odd hours disturbing his sleep. Now should I have a phone service which sliced prices to such an extent that another person with same service might end up disturbing me even for not so important things?. My sleep in more important for me. Right?

There is another ad which shows a person so absorbed with face book application on his phone while crossing the road that two cars meet accident while saving this man. But this man ends up being run over by another car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ads always try to show products as being THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in the world and try to address with varied emotions but some ads simply make us wonder about the product.


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