Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ilyas Kashmiri: The man who wants to be the next Osama-Pakistan

The FBI said David Coleman Headley and Tahawwur Hussain Rana, arrested for plotting a major terror attack in India at the behest of Pakistan-based LeT, were in constant touch with the deadly Ilyas Kashmiri in Pakistan.

Headley and Rana were allegedlly working closely with Kashmiri. If today Osama bin Laden is the Al-Queda's symbol of the movement, Ilyas, with his unmatched guerrilla expertise, turns the strategic vision into reality.

Kashmiri has dared India to stop another 26/11 type attack. He is a dangerous mastermind of terror who clearly is attempting to be the next Osama.

Recently, Kashmiri told media that the Mumbai attacks are nothing compared to what's in store.

Kashmiri has promisied less rehtoric and more action. He said he is not a traditional jehadi who only indulges in slogans.

45 year old Kashmiri is the head of the Al-Qaeda's head of military operations. He carries a bounty of US $600-thousand dollars on his head. Many see him as Al-Qaeda's guerilla expert who turns strategic vision into reality. Kashmiri was also an active participant in the Soviet-Afghan War training the Afghan Mujahideen.

Kashmiri's terror is long known. He was once detained by the ISI for the attempted assasination of General Musharraf. Kasmiris was later cleared and released.

Kashmiri's group also includes Sheikh Omar Saeed who in 2002 abducted US reporter Daniel Pearl in Karachi. Pearl was later found brutally killed.


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