Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jo Jeeta Wohi Shirodkar

When entire India is discussing shiv sena v/s shahrukh khan , shiv sena v/s rahul gandhi , shiv sena v/s RSS , shiv sena v/s Mukesh Ambani , how can cyrus broacha be left behind?.

In his witty 'Week That wasn't' show cyrus has taken dig on shiv sena's mumbai for maharashtrians claim.

According to cyrus bollywood would change name of movies to please shiv sena and name of movies would be something like this from 'paa' to 'paa-til'. From 'jo jeeta wohi shikandar' to 'jo jeeta wohi shirodkar'.

We wonder what would happen if entire India goes shiv sena way?. Gujarat for gujaratis , Uttar Pradesh for upites!!!!!!!!

Guess then movies would be released with local subtitles and name would be on local emotions.


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