Monday, February 1, 2010

Multimillionare and Sex Network!!!!!!!!!!

HERMAN ROCKEFELLER was Harvard graduate and a multimillionaire in Australia involved in property business. He was considered to be nice , competitive person whom his friends described as intensely private person.

Mr Rockefeller was a good friend of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, who attended his wedding in the 1990s and paid tribute to him as ''a tremendous man - a good, loyal friend''.

He ran his office with his wife , invested in shopping complex , had daughter and good family.

Suddenly he vanished. From Melbourne airport there were no where abouts of Rockefeller.

Mystery widened when few people claimed of seeing him. While mystery got deepened , the news of his death shocked Australia. He was murdered. But what was more shocking was dual life of Mr Rockefeller.

The couple accused of murdering Melbourne millionaire Herman Rockefeller met him through an underground ''swingers'' network, police will allege.

Investigators have established Mr Rockefeller, 51, attended the suburban Melbourne home of Mario Schembri, 57, and Bernadette Denny, 41, voluntarily on January 21, having left Melbourne Airport long-term car park at 9.37pm.

A week later - after his Toyota Prius was found abandoned in Ballan, 75 kilometres west of Melbourne - his dismembered and burnt body was found in a backyard in suburban Glenroy.

The couple have confessed for the crime as per media reports.


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