Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh Ho : Hafiz Saeed Says India Betrayed Pakistan!!!!!!

Hafeez saeed , the known hate monger , terror chief and man behind 26/11 is back in limelight after keeping low since an year.

After threatening India with Jihad , he now says that India has always betrayed Pakistan in name of talks.

Now while India and Pakistan were talking and relations were improving , he did 26/11 and now he is accusing India of betraying Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!

Confused saeed also compares USA's afghan stay with India's stay in Kashmir!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Hafiz saeed is infact betraying his own country , his own people. He remains in high security while sends disillusioned youth to India for killing innocents and in process getting killed.

Mr saeed stop fooling your people , lay down guns and then talk.


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