Monday, February 1, 2010

Petrol Dearer By 5 Rs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The aam aadmi sarkar of Dr manmohan singh is thinking of increasing petrol prices by 5 Rs and diesel prices by 2 Rs as per media reports.

"We are trying our best to see that prices are not raised," Deora told reporters in New Delhi.

"But a rate hike may become inevitable as government's limited financial resources are not enough to meet the revenue lost on selling petrol, diesel, LPG and kerosene below cost."

Freeing auto fuel pricing would mean a hike of Rs 4.72 a litre on petrol rates and Rs 2.33 per litre on diesel prices.

So after daal , aata , sabji , chini ,dudh its now time for costly petrol which in turn will make daal,aata,sabji chini more costly!!!!!!!!

This would end up making all people aam and goal of aam aadmi sarkar would be accomplished.


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