Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SRK'S Body Scan Comments Make Headlines In Australia

Shahrukh Khan is in news everywhere in India. While shahrukh v/s shiv sena is theme of most news in India , Australian daily has found another topic regarding shahrukh khan.

Australia has been debated full body scan machines which would be installed in their airports. The debate is about security v/s breach of privacy.

Such machines are installed in britian airports. While britian transport secretary claims that body scan printouts are destroyed immediately and doesnot pose risk to privacy of travellers. But sydney herald reported shahrukh khan's comment on full body scan.

SRK was quoted as below :

"I came out [of the scanner] and then I saw these girls and they had these printouts," Khan said.

"So I looked at them, I thought maybe it's a form you're supposed to [sign] ... and you could see everything inside.

"And then I've autographed them for them."

Hmmm..What ever shahrukh khan says makes news these days, it seems..


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