Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger Woods And Indian Media

Tiger woods is big brand and there is no doubt about it. Biggest sports brand and one of most followed celebrity in the world. After his extra Martial affair came out of closet tiger woods sold like hot cakes in the media.

Every 12 hours a new story about another lady coming out with 'I too had affair' came up in media. It was big news and big business for media. One of Online Giant admitted that it was bigger opportunity to make money ,bigger than sad demise of Michael Jackson. We can't place eye catching ads close to obituary said the spokesperson.

Fallen hero always is news , that too if it has to do with infidelity!!!!!!!. Now tiger woods is going to have press conference breaking his silence.

One of good India news channel ,the one which I follow on twitter has hour long program aired daily which discusses the most important news for entire hours. It expert panel discussion with two people having entirely opposite views , while one having neutral view. Anchors roles is to facilitate the discussion. It is one of award winning show.

Today in twitter they asked ='Tiger woods to break his silence , please write in'. Now what should an ordinary Indian write about it. I replied -'What can I write about it?. He didn't become silent by asking me'.

Yes tiger woods sells but do we need one hour long discussion in country which is miles and miles away from wood's country. In country which is obsessed with own sports icons and in a huge country where naxals, corruption , politics , prise rises are issues which are to be dealt with?

But media can't be blamed. Infidelity sells and so does celebs. After all media is business and they want to make money out of everything that can be sold , irrespective of what difference does that news make to common people's life.

Recently a question was asked to one of leading journalist of India about his interview of rakhi sawant which is being aired thrice a month on channel ,he is associated with. He promptly replied that after interviewing 500 , whose who people of India and International dignitaries , Rakhi Sawant's interview received one of most TRPs for him!!!!!!!

Now this person has interviewed Indian Ministers , Army Chief , Scientists and every one who directly make difference to people's life but Rakhi Sawant is big brand then this people says the TRP!!!!!!!!!!!

Media is like restaurant , they would serve the food which customers want.


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