Monday, February 8, 2010

What's Your Nuisance Value?

Indian Politics has now new definition of power. That is nuisance value!!!!!!!!!...Sharad Pawar , the minister of agriculture and theoretically one of most important ministers of India considering India's majority of population is directly ,indirectly dependant on agriculture has more important things to do that price rise!!!!!!!!

Sharad Pawar visited residence of bal thackeray to discuss IPL issue. He is said to have tried to convince bal thackeray to give up latter's stand on Australian cricketers. Sanjay Raut of shiv sena said that sharad pawar has come to bal thackeray's darbaar!!!!!!

Media , as usual had busy sunday. While discussing this visit of Mr pawar , one of media personnel asked fellow reporter that when government has assured of protection to Australian players , what is need to sharad pawar to go to thackerays?. Promptly the reporter replied ' sharad pawar knows the nuisance value of shiv sena!!!!!!'

In another discussion about RSS V/s shiv sena and uddhav asking RSS to not interfere in mumbai , one of dignitaries in discussion replied 'well nuisance value of shiv sena in mumbai is much greater than nuisance value of RSS!!!!!!!'

So now Indian Politics determines the power by nuisance value of party , group and person. What is nuisance value?. Well ability to hold dharnas , violent protest , ability to bring city on hold!!!!!!!

So we wonder while giving tickets for election all parties would ask the aspirant about what is his nuisance value ?


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