Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why You Write Crap?

No sooner I pressed the post it button , I knew it was crap which I had written. Crab on issue which was equally a crap and non issue. What I wrote was 10 utterly stupid reasons about why shahrukh khan should say sorry to shiv sena.

As expected many readers fumed and rightly so. Immeditaely they responded and flooded by email with message like , what's wrong with you?, why did you write such a crap?,/ would like to say sorry to them for writing such a crap. But as Indian Citizen , if I am allowed to express my opinion the entire issue of shahrukh khan v/s shivsena was non issue in comparison to REAL ISSUES that Maharashtra and India faces.

Talking about mumbai , it is facing water crisis and infrastructure issue. Killing of RTI activists and attack on social workers is also important issue. Nexus of government officials and builder lobby is also as issue.Add to that suicides committed by students is important issue.

Talking about Maharashtra other than mumbai , farmer suicide is an big issue.

While for India terrorism , naxalism , communalism , price rise are some of more important issues .

Now compare this issue with shahrukh khan's comment and judge how it effects normal people?.

Making non issue or not so important issue as national issue is equally crap . Isn't it?


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