Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Heroin And Samjhauta Express

Nearly 14 kg of heroin worth Rs 40 crore was seized from three people, including two women, at the Attari railway station on Tuesday, a customs official said.

The three people, from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, have been arrested.

They arrived on the Samjhauta Express and were carrying the drugs consignment from Pakistan, says the official.

The Attari railway station, on the India-Pakistan border, is nearly 30 km from Amritsar.

Ek taraf to hum indo-pak trade ki baat karte hai aur jo trading karte hain unko giraftar karte hain. yeh to azeeb baat hui na.

Now if you go to baruch you would bring peanuts ,because its peanuts are famous.

If you go to mumbai , golden halwa is what you might bring.

If you go to agra you would bring petha...Now didnt these people go to pakistan?..So definately they would bring drugs.Its famous ,world over.Isnt It?

Now if you go to pakistan you are expected to come with one,two ak47 , 5-10 kg rdx , 10-20 kg of heroin. Its expected.Isnt It?


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