Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pakistan And Commitment

Pakistan is committed to peacefully resolving all outstanding issues with India to usher in "an era of peace, progress and prosperity" for the people in the region, Premier Yousuf Raza Gilani has said.

Above was headline in almost all Indian and Pakistani news websites . Rightly so. After all India and Pakistan has played four not so friendly match between armies. India has proven to be more powerful but one thing Pakistan has to be given credit is their never say die attitude. As their prime minister said . Sheer Commitment. Its their this commitment which has made them work day and night against India. They are fighting proxy war since late 1980s without loosing focus. Such dedication ,such commitment is rarity. Full marks to Pakistan establishment.

What do you think , is it easy to train terrorists??..Is it easy to create LETs ,JEMs. Is it easy to shield Dawood??..No it requires lot of efforts ,lot of investment of money and time.

When bush gave them money they didnt use that for development but used it to prepare against India. As if kashmir is going to solve all pakistans problem. Such a level of dedication ,commitment pakistan's establishment has. Now gilani has again reiterated commitment.

But wait a minute , didnt he say peacefully. Yes he did. By peacefully he meant not fighting directly. Bleeding India ,day by day frustrating it so that India resolves everything peacefully.

hmmm..This is what is called commitment ..


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