Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taliban And Its Nobel Cause

A teacher who once fought as a mujahideen against Soviet occupation forces in Afghanistan has been gunned down by the Taliban in Pakistan's troubled Swat valley for not hiking up his 'salwar' or trousers above his ankles.

While people reacted angrily to the above published news what we forget is that taliban is most unbiased entity who can shoot even mujahideen if he doesn't obey their laws!!!!

Taliban is considered to be barbaric organization who wants world back to 7th century but idea of taliban is making all equals. For their 'nobel' cause they need to shoot few hundreds,thousands. But they are working for equality. One may wonder how. Answer is simple. When no one would go to school , no one would be able to get educated. So no engineers ,no doctors and no MBA. Stick to basics . Pray to god , roam around with guns , if you need anything use guns. Simple. No competition around.

Again some intelluctual critics of such 'nobel' idea may ask but if no one is going to do anything how would we live?. Well for that one needs to understand core idea. Taliban would allow you to go for farming , it would allow you to do basic stuff which aadi manav did. When you run out of bullets because no one would be able to manufacture it , you can use stones. Why do you think god made stones?.. So just chill.. You dont need all those degrees , make presentations and all.

Your primary responsibility is to pray and make love . Thats it. Rest doesnt matter. But if we go on reproducing how would we feed them? . We wont. We would train them to hunt their own food. If there becomes too many humans on earth then also no problem . Taliban would use live human beings to shoot for practise.

But this is not what our religions like islam ,hindusim ,christianity and others teaches us. Shut up!!!... We have to follow oldest religion of the world. It existed from our days in caves. Its talibanization.


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