Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why Gilani Wants To Act Fast?

Pakistan needs to move swiftly to ease tensions with India, including examining laws in the way of prosecuting militants who commit violence in other countries, the Financial Times quoted Pakistan's prime minister as saying.

When khayani seemed angry on gilani for his above comments gilani later clarified that what he meant by acting fast was shifting terror camps from POK to NWP . Since NWP is not in pakistan's administrative control , India can be convinced ke bhai yeh log humhaari nahi sunte hain aao hum baat chit shuru kaaren aur ek dusare ki to sune!!!!

Also by examining law gilani meant finding any loophole in the law so that even if they arrest any militant for prosecution he can use such loopholes to go scot free.

It is said gilani also cited examples of how law loopholes were used to free 125 al qaeda militants recently and even USA could not to anything.

Gilani who understands subcontinental politics , firmly believes that India on Offensive is just matter of four months till elections in India concludes. So he is taking things exactly in the way he should that is easily.

Our most responsible and most committed Indian Citizens (thats is our politicians) had to face outraged from totally irresponsible citizens like us and so these politicians acted strongly.

How you may ask. Aare by daily giving interview that we would act strongly!!!!...When questioned ,its great sir but when would you act tough?..Answer comes you all would come to know when it occurs.


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