Monday, January 26, 2009

USA,INDIA And Natural Allies

"As the Indian people celebrate Republic Day all across India, they should know that they have no better friend and partner than the people of the United States," he said in a special message.

Obama, who calls India a natural ally of the US and seeks inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, said: "It is our shared values that form the bedrock of a robust relationship across peoples and governments.

"Those values and ideals provide the strength that enables us to meet any challenge, particularly from those who use violence to try to undermine our free and open societies," he said.

Above news were published in all most all news websites of India. In India we have saying 'der se aaye par durust aaye'

USA with all its vision took just over 60 years to come to know that they share common values with India. 9/11 ,taliban ,al qaeda are considered to have enlightened USA who till 2001 considered pakistan to be its natural ally. Officially pakistan is still most important ally. How if you ask , its simple .After all they allow usa to blast missiles every know and then into their (pakistan's) territory. It helps USA is two ways . First they get practise in every couple of days and it proves that USA can blast missiles!!!!!!

The same USA which created taliban , the same usa which helped in khalistan ,the same usa which aided pakistan and wanted to send warship in 1971 indo-pak war finally got their natural allies in India.

Obama is said to be Mahatma's fan , keeps hanumanji symbol in his pocket. But Obama might not be aware that Mahatma's India is different from today's India. Gandhiji wanted a secular country where as current country is appeasing minority or playing on hindutva card.
Gandhiji has become more of success formula for movies but in practise there are Senas at work!!!!

His philosophy is used but only against terrorist. In name of maturity we seek non violence when it comes to act against non state actor of failed state.

Never the less this naturally allied country ,saath mein mil ke kya gul khilaati hai yeh to waqt hi bataayega. Mean While the very good friend of America ,that is pakistan is seeking help from its best friend china.

Pakistan has always has good taste ,as far as friendship is concerned. China is rising power and pakistan mingles only with super powers.

America is ofcourse a super power and no matter how bad its economy is it is still No1 economy. But in politics Its always Friendship of convinence.

Aane waale waqt mein dekhte hain USA ko ,India ko ,pakistan ko kitne natural allies milte hain.


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