Monday, January 26, 2009

Jamaat ud Dawa and Government Of Pakistan

The government of Punjab took control of the headquarters of the banned Jamaatud Dawa on Sunday and appointed an administrator, who would also oversee its various organizations, including charity hospitals, seminaries and other educational institutions, and agricultural projects.

Above was reported by dawn daily. Jamaat ud Dawa has embarrassed Pakistan's establishment and has been banned by United Nation. Now many wonder does Pakistan has establishment?. Well thats a different story and would be addressed in another post but coming back to Jamaat ud dawa. It said that zardari and khayani were very disappointed with Jamaat. Khayani has said to have slammed saeed by citing its own example. He had said that ISI ,Army are fighting proxy war since 1989 in India. They have trained ,recruited many terrorist but still they havent left any proof behind. Even though raw has repeately accused them but couldn't proof anything , so why did saeed turn out to be so kacha khiladi.

Zardari too seemed to be very upset with saeed. Zardari who is better known as 10% and one who has been accused of assassination of his own brother is law and speculated to be behind assassination of his wife has managed to come out clean.

In a closed door meeting held between zardari , khayani and gilani ,all three have agreed to take directly charge of Jamaat and work in more professional way ,so that they arent caught in future.

Saeed would have to undergo training from ISI for one year on how to work in future.


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