Monday, February 2, 2009

Bush , Wen Jiabao and art of shoe throwing

In a throwback to the George Bush shoe-throwing incident, a protestor on Monday threw a shoe at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao interrupting his speech at the Cambridge University in London.

This news is published on Hindustan times. Shoe throwing is an art and Iraqis , Brits and Tibetans are not good at it. Just imagine that journalist got two chances and he couldn't hit on both occasion!!!!!. Bush got away on both occasion. This shows how Iraqis and other countries lag behind in shoe throwing as compared to Indians.

In India we are masters in throwing chappals , shoes on artist. We may not be good at olympics . Except Abhinav bindra and Rajvardhan rathod , maximum have missed targets but as far as shoe throwing is concerned we are master in it. We also throw tomatos on artists .

Once sunil gavaskar walked out of calcutta after shoes were thrown at him for slow batting. Now comparing with his own standarads too , he was really slow at that time.

Indira Gandhi also became target by ahmedabad public and she collected good pairs of sandals and shoes on her visit as congress president in early 1960s.

I think all other countries should send their citizens to India to learn the art of shoe throwing.

Shoe throwing made that journalist a star and this event also helped a game development company earn good money out of it. So journalists effort didnt go in vain , it helped some one atleast.

Art of shoe throwing in very old and it can be mastered. In olympics we must start a category on it too.


mycnweb February 3, 2009 at 9:33 PM  

shoe throwing is lack of too much politeness

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