Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Golden Rules Of Indian Politicians

1)If case is against your opponent , opponent is finally being brought to justice , if case is against you , it is politically motivated!!!!
2) If your security is increased its because of threat , if your opponents security is increased ,its waste of citizens money.
3)If you are in opposition and major incident occurs minister must resign on moral grounds, but if you are in ruling party , minister did what needs to be done after the incident and should be applauded for his/her work.
4) If you get ticket your high command and leadership is great , if you dont get ticket your party is corrupted and heading in wrong direction.
5) If you support shri ram sena or simi you are not communal but practicing secularism.
6)If you are in ruling party all government schemes are for citizen's benefit but if you are in opposition all schemes are scams.
7) If you are in ruling party its Ram Raaj but if you are in opposition nation is heading for disaster.
8) All good work was done when your party was in power
9) Your party is non corrupted and based on principal ,values
10) Your all opponents are self interest motivated.

In all above rules one thing is certain , AAM aadmi is too AAM for our politicians .


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