Friday, February 6, 2009

Gilani , Kashmir And World Peace

Kashmir issue key to global peace: Pak PM Gilani

Headline in CNN-IBN website. Now if you are American , Canadian , Australian or Malaysian or from any other part of the world you may wonder how does Kashmir issues effect global peace. Well guys we need to understand very simple things to understand statement of pakistan's prime minister. Pakistan believes in my way or highway and keeping this belief intact they are nurturing , sponsering and training terrorist.

You may wonder what new is that ? We already know it so?. Like every professional organization ISI trains human resource more than needed in kashmir. At times double then needed. Since transfering them to India is not easy job they transfer as much as possible and rest are kept reserves , to be used when needed. If terrorist are caught or get killed the reserves are sent.

Now terrorist are terrorist and If they dont get any work , they start destroying their own place , as seen in swat . So these same terrorist are sent to other places.

oh yessss... you finally got it . you understood what gilani thats how world peace comes into question. ISI and its goons acting at their best.

So its simple do we want world peace?...If yes solve kashmir...But then? ..Then pakistan will demand something else...may be afghanisthan?...So go on giving everything for world peace or else???...Face the music...Right Mr Gilani??


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