Saturday, February 7, 2009

ISI ,Pervez and Mumbai Terror Attack

Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf has said that the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) does not have any hand in the Mumbai Terror attacks.

‘The Daily Times’ quoted General Musharraf as saying, “ISI is doing the same job in Pakistan as the CIA and RAW are doing in the US and India.”

Now if you ask how pervez is so sure while not being in post , the answer is kyunki pervez sab jaante hain. This is pakistan and you cant talk logics with their ex administrator. You may cite example of how even their prime minister didnt knew about kargil. But pervez knows that ISI is not involved.

May be pervez knows who actually are involved. May be he thinks asie operation to humhaare gaali ke ladke kar lete hain to usmein ISI ko involve hone ki kya zaroorat hai. India blamed Laskhar backed by ISI for mumbai terror attack but pakistan's reacted in picture abhi baaki hai mere dost mode and is all set to blame huji for it.

Know if you wonder who's huji ?..Well huji is banned terror outfit of banglesh which too is backed by ISI. In gujarati there's a folk song 'hari tara naam che hazaar' in same line 'isi tere terror group hain hazar '.

Anyways if we go by Mr Pervez's gurantee ISI was not involved , some of their chaile chapate might have done that but ISI is clean.


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