Tuesday, February 17, 2009

LET , Purohit , Samjhauta And 26/11

Qureshi said that India should sincerely respond to the questions raised by Pakistan in its initial investigation report, if the neighbouring country was serious in successful prosecution of the Mumbai attack accused. The process of prosecution should meet its logical conclusion of punishment to those involved in the Mumbai attacks but Indian cooperation is needed to achieve the objective.

No Mr Qureshi we were not serious. We just wanted to point finger to you and knowing Pakistan nature we thought you would not inquire and we would just accuse you and that's it...But you came up with googly by investigating the act of terror seriously. Not only that you went one step ahead by actually booking the operators if not main planners like Saeed , ISI . But at least you booked operators and executors.

But now since you did unexpected you need to give us time. Dont you?..Allow us to come out of shock which you gave us by actually booking the people. Allow us to actually digest what you have done and then we would answer to all of your questions.

Coming to your accusation of samjhauta express linkage with 26/11 which you actually mean is linkage of purohits network with 26/11 ,i would like to ask you one question.

Dont you have confidence on your ISI anymore?. How can it cooperate with fanatic like purohit who wants entire subcontinent as hindu rastra. Your ISI along with huji wants totally opposite. So how can people striving for entirely two impossible and different ends unite??

Never the less we should inquire that link but what you are talking is highly impossible considering the goals of both LET and purohit..


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