Sunday, February 15, 2009


A spendthrift Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) spent £200 million on sponsorship deals with Sachin Tendulkar and other top sportsmen just weeks before being bailed out by the British government, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The Sunday Times said the bank, which is now 68 per cent owned by the taxpayer, signed the long-term contracts before being bailed by the British government in October.

Now this is called management..RBS was so confident about government bailing it out that they went ahead with the sponsorship deal..They didnt care about anything else..In my college their was saying -'vaat chahe lag jaaye , salaami toap se hogi'..So whether bank is in crisis or not , they need to invest huge chunk of money that too peoples money to advertise...But wait a minute aren't bank supposed to be our advisor on how to invest , where to invest , how to manage risk and all??

Well if you see 2008 year , you would realize all the experts are queuing up to get bailed out..All our custodians of money , all our guides to investment are in trouble!!!!!!!!...

Now if in background of your mind a hindi track is going like -'chingari koi bhadke to saavan usse bhujaaye , saavan jo agan lagaaye , use kaun bhujaaye'...then just take a deep breath and say to yourself that i would myself spend bit time on how to invest rather than trusting institutes,bank or brokers bindly...


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