Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Valentine Day,just beat girls-Shri Ram Sena

Shri Ram Sena has made its intentions clear and issued a fatwa in lines of taliban. No valetine day this time. Why ,if you ask?..Boss valentine day is not our culture. Then what is our culture would be your next question. Answer is beating girls on street in name of protecting our culture!!!!.

So you cant celebrate valentines day , father day , mother's day , women's day. Only thing which you can celebrate is dry day!!!!...Because shri ram sema says so.

Yes you would be allowed to celebrate all our festivals but holi is only girls and only boys events this year. Girl should not dare to celebrate holi with their male friends. Its not our culture.

Kadva Chaud is strictly to be celebrated and if you dont think that your husband is worth it ,you are committing sin.

So all girls mind well your place is in kitchen and dont you dare to roam with your male friend. We have to protect our culture . Right Shri Ram Sena?


Anonymous,  February 12, 2009 at 4:02 AM  

Jeez these Shri Ram Sena guys need to get a life.. They resort to violence against women in the name of morality. If they knew the first thing about Indian culture, they would know it has high regard for two things: (1) respecting women and (2) tolerance towards others' view points.

I will celebrate Valentine's Day with my husband, so what would they do then?

- Ankita Rai

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