Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pakistan's Six Point Strategy For Richard Holbrooke

Pakistan is expected to discuss a comprehensive strategy to tackle militancy and extremism in the region with US special envoy Richard Holbrooke who is due here on Monday.

Above news was published in Pakistan's New website. The insiders have leaked the comprehensive strategy. The six point strategy is as under :

1) Withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan.

This would end militancy because militants would become official ruler and all their act of terrorism will become rule of law.

2) Declaring Taliban a political party in swat.

This would officially make Taliban state government of swat and have all the right to make laws and rule out there.

3) Re defining extremism

Extremism has to be re defined and Taliban cannot be said to be extremist alone. NATO and USA'S zeal of democracy is also extremism. Believing in people's will , right to choose ,live life as per how they want it to is also extremism.

4) Un Accountable Flow Of Money To Pakistan

Give money and forget it. No need to interfere how Pakistan uses it. Once money enters Pakistan it would be considered to be owned by Pakistan and any attempt of asking for accounts would be considered violation of sovereignty.

5) Removing India From Afghanistan

Important point in 5 point strategy. Afghanistan is strictly Pakistan's experiment zone. On basis of success of Taliban Pakistan wants to expand taliban to other countries and hindu india is hinderance to this experiment.

6) If above five points are rejected Pakistan would try Gandhiji's non cooperation concept with USA, UN And Nato.


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