Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rahul Baba And Change

Congress hails Rahul Baba as change agent hails congress. So what are things which rahul baba is going to change...Lets us give few suggestion which we think rahul baba must implement in his change things list...

1) Remove khaadi as dress code for congress party...

Idea of mahatma gandhi in promoting khadi was self reliance and cutting down purchase of Brits clothes. So it had two goals , one making in india and buying from indians and two reducing economic gains of brits. Now as far as self reliance goes all our neta have 100s of income sources and anyway they buy multination first of all change the dress code...

2) Make Corruption Official

Make corruption official..After all our babus , our clerks , our netas , our officers work day in day out for our welfare , so whats wrong if they get few bucks in terms of thousands to lakhs every month. So change the norm and make corruption official.

3) Re Define Terrorism

One bomb here , one bomb there is always ok. There is no need to consider it to be act of terror. Also make it official that only 20 bomb attacks a year would be considered to be serious action and under that circumstances only opposition can ask for resignation of home minister


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