Monday, February 9, 2009

Pakistan's Two Soldiers-Taliban And Al Qaeda

USA Wont Allow save haven for al queda/taliban in pakistan roared Obama , while al queda threatened India that if it attacks pakistan al queda would see to it that India gets same treatment as that of USSR...

Interesting two news coming on same day. Obama has said nothing new , bush uses to say same thing . But al queda always says what do you mean by not allowing , we never ask for your permission. After all by declaring support to PAK-ISTAN al queda and taliban has proved that they consider pakistan as their own play ground.

Earlier Taliban had also declared support for Pakistan against India. But wait a minute isnt pakistan fighting against these two?..Isnt Pakistan received billions of rupees for fighting and eradicating these two from their soil. Well officially yes. But practically we all can see that its friendly match between taliban/al queda and Pakistan. Its hum saath saath hain theme for them. After all pakistan created taliban . Pakistan is father of taliban . How can creator become destroyer. We must respect their emotions .

When history would be recalled some 500 years back , people would say ek tha pakistan , usne duniya ko ikhada kiya tha. It brought unity in entire world by creating taliban , allowing al queda to operate. People put aside their difference to unite and credit goes to pakistan for that.


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