Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mulayam and CBI

My News alert popped with this headline in early morning 'CBI soft on Mulayam in illegal assets case'.

But i think this entire case is base less. Mulayam charged for accumulating assets almost worth Rs 4.5 crore disproportionate to his known sources of income!!!!. Just imagine isn't it an insult to all politicians??..Just 4.5 crores??...Such a small amount might be accumulated by normal officer working in police or custom department but here we are talking about a person who was chief minister of up more than one time and just 4.5 crores???...

Infact law must be passed in parliament stating any person who become minsiter or chief minister has right to accumulate 100 crore rupees and it would be considered perfectly legal and source of income would be declared as ministership.

The law must be reveiwed once in every five years and money should be increased from 100 crores to match inflation.

Also media has to grow up. They are accusing CBI of being soft on mulayam but media must understand that CBI is doing its duty efficiently. Its their duty to follow orders of the ruling government. When case was formed mulayam was opponent of congress but now he is friend. So CBI should be appreciated and applauded for doing their duty perfectly.


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